Youth Evangelical Alliance of NCEASL Develops New Toolkit for Christian Youth

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. The crisis may not be unprecedented from the perspective of history but its impact on modern life has been immense. Experts say the effects of COVID-19 would be long-lasting. Others say the pandemic could permanently alter the world as we know it. Regardless, the post-pandemic world will be determined by how we deal with the crisis now and emerge from it.

What, then, is the role and response of the Church during this crisis? What are the issues birthed by and exacerbated by the pandemic? How can Christian youth rise up to the challenge and be faithful followers of Christ in this crisis? Anchored to the Sri Lankan context, this toolkit, produced by the Youth Evangelical Alliance of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance Sri Lanka (NCEASL) addresses the above questions. Especially, we look at 10 social issues that require the church’s attention during the COVID-19 crisis and list out 10 bible studies on similar themes and topics.

Access the Kit on NCEASL’s Website.

About the YEA

The YEA, an arm of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka, is an interlink between young people and God’s mission in our nation. We aim to connect the two; thereby, uniting and equipping youth to further God’ mission in our land. We believe God’s work in a nation is holistic: it touches and transforms individuals and structures through the gospel of Christ. The YEA exists to awake young people to this reality and fully engage them in God’s mission in our land. To this end, we serve as a platform that unites and equips youth for effective Christian witness in the nation. To achieve our vision, we seek to equip young people in the area of holistic mission and leadership to impact the nation for Jesus. Some of our other initiatives include PaanKade , an online platform that promotes re ! ection and action on some contemporary issues, Exchange , an offline platform that seeks to equip youth to grapple with pressing issues in society and the Nation Church Project that brings together Christian youth leaders from different churches to mobilise prayer for the nation.

Article originally published at WEA

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