What is KidsHubs?

KidsHubs is a global disciple-making strategy. It is a way that leaders can pass on a Godly way of living in a small group around a particular interest. KidsHubs is about discipling, mentoring and building relationships with children through teaching them relevant and purposeful skills, growing their faith by pointing them to discover Jesus through the Bible, leaders and children authentically sharing their lives with each other encouraging a sense of belonging to a faith community. Visit KidsHubs

What is Max7?

Max7 is a library of free ministry resources in many languages. It exists to serve the Body of Christ, specifically children. Max7 wants to see children everywhere living life to the MAX with Jesus 7 days a week. The Max7 website offers resources which have been shared by thousands of generous followers of Jesus to help you as you make disciples. Visit Max7

How to Pray With Your Child for Countries in Situations of War or Conflict

Ever since sin entered the world, our relationship with God and also our relationship between each other got broken. We turned away from the God of love and the world became more and more filled with evil, including violence, conflict and war. How can we explain war to a child? And how can we pray with children in situations of conflict? The following is a simple guide that will hopefully help your child find words and also deepen the compassion towards those who suffer of its consequences.  Download PDF

Pray with Your Child

The current COVID-19 crisis can be overwhelming for us as adults, so how can we explain it to children in ways they can understand? And how can we pray with them in a time of crisis such as this? Below are a few simple ideas what to pray for that can serve as guidance as you pray with your child. They are flexible and can be adjusted according to the age of the child. Learn how to pray with your child.

Help your family be fit and healthy, stay connected, and grow in character. is a mobile phone tool that will help a family at home connect in fun ways and exercise regularly in their house, apartment or local park. With a little creativity, everyone can be fit and healthy, stay connected, and grow in character and faith. Visit