Ukrainian Women and Girls are Fearful of Human Trafficking, Says Charity Leader
Photo by Max Kukurudziak / Unsplash

Women and young girls fleeing fighting in Ukraine are afraid of falling victim to human trafficking, a Christian charity leader has warned.

James Vaughton, CEO of Transform Europe Network (TEN), has just returned from a visit to Romania where he met Ukrainian refugees. 

He reported a widespread fear of human trafficking among women and girls, and high levels of anxiety among teenagers about their future. 

Vaughton said TEN partners and their volunteers are spending “considerable” time with refugees to address not only their health needs but also “offer reassurance and safety”. 

“Women and young girls feel very vulnerable – many staying indoors in their temporary accommodation, not wanting to go out,” he said. 

“But the number of hours they spend indoors is leading to isolation and loneliness.

“They feel very vulnerable and don’t trust men, so our partner church’s ‘woman to woman’ support is vital.”

TEN is working with local churches to provide medical and personal health supplies, food and accommodation to Ukrainian refugees after raising over £120,000 in an emergency appeal

It is the largest emergency appeal ever launched by the charity in its 55-year history and has also helped to finance a mini-bus that is transporting refugees to processing centres and onward destinations. 

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