OneHope Reaches 2 Billion Children and Youth with God’s Word
OneHope’s founder Bob Hoskins

OneHope, an international Christian ministry, has crossed the threshold of sharing God’s Word with two billion children since 1987.
To commemorate this incredible milestone, Bob Hoskins, OneHope’s founder, traveled to El Salvador, where OneHope’s programs launched in 1987. Watch the live recording of this special moment here.
The vision of OneHope was born when Hoskins received a vision of  Satan attacking the children of the world. “For days, I was weeping for what I saw—millions of children being slaughtered—and prayed, ‘ Lord, what am I seeing and what should I do?’” Bob said. “And the Lord said, ‘The only thing that will save them is truth, and the truth is in My Word. Take My Word to the children of the world and do it through leaders.’”

OneHope’s programs present a biblical message of hope to children and youth through age, language, and culturally specific print, film, and digital media. In the past few years, OneHope has embarked on digital innovation, giving youth around the world easier access to Scripture. By partnering with YouVersion, OneHope created Kids Bible Experience and the Bible App for Kids, which has been downloaded more than 75 million times worldwide.
“OneHope’s digital programs are changing how the next generation discovers the grand narrative of the Bible. Also, through OneHope’s digital programs, we are able to reach children and youth in hard-to-reach places,” said Bobby Gruenewald, YouVersion founder and member of OneHope’s board of directors.

In 1987, Hoskins sent letters to major leaders in South America and was invited by the minister of education of El Salvador to give Scripture to every student in the nation. El Libro de Vida, the Spanish version of the Book of Hope, was created to share the Gospel with the children in El Salvador in an engaging and contextualized way. This was the beginning of OneHope.
“Since the beginning, all that God has asked of us is to keep a pure heart and clean hands,” Hoskins explained. “God has given us the privilege of stewarding this ministry, and through His faithfulness, we’ve seen His Word transform young people and their communities worldwide.”

“My dad’s original vision is still—and always has been—the guiding force of our mission,” said Rob Hoskins, OneHope’s president. “In the midst of victories and milestones such as this, we strive to maintain the same humility and purity that have always been the cornerstone of our ministry. We also know the work is not done until we reach every single child with God’s Word, so we continue to pray for more partners to adopt the vision and join us in this mission.”
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About OneHope
Since 1987, more than 2 billion children around the world have received God’s Word through the ministry of OneHope. Using research and innovation to create Scripture programs, OneHope partners with local churches to see every child in every generation experience the Gospel.

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