Evangelistic Meeting Prompts Spanish Youth to Bring the Gospel Across Europe
Music and worship during the event /José Dalberto Vargas

Xuntos por Galicia” (Together for Galicia) is an evangelistic gathering with over 6 years of existence that takes place every May 17th, a public holiday in the Spanish region of Galicia for the celebration of the “Día das Letras Galegas” (Day of Galician Languages).

The last editions were held online due to the pandemic, but this 2022 brought together around 800 of people, most of them were young people who received the message of Jesus in the city of Santiago de Compostela.

“It is an activity divided into two parts, in the morning there is a special meeting with leaders for prayer and training; then in the afternoon it is the meeting that gathers people coming from different provinces”, explained Segundo Navaza, one of the coordinators of the “Xuntos por Galicia” movement.

The international movement The Send, a group that has held mass events in the United States and Brazil, participated in the meeting.

 Around 800 people participated in the meeting. / José Dalberto Vargas

“This has not been done in Spain, it is the beginning of something that we would like to have in the future in this country as it happens in other countries”, said Navaza, who is also pastor of the church Buenas Noticias (Good News) Fin the city of Ferrol.

Teófilo Hayashi, representing The Send movement, was the speaker. He preached the biblical message of the day and interacted with several of the participants.

Teófilo Hayashi, representing The Send movement, was the speaker. / José Dalberto Vargas

Youth with a hunger for Christ

The musical worship was led by the Spanish singer Debora Romo, who told Spanish news website Protestante Digital that she is amazed to see how in each event she attends, the presence of young people to exalt God increases.

I see a youth with hunger and passion for Jesuswith the desire to respond to the needs of our society, not only being Christians in words, but rather open letters, youth who take risky steps and believe that what God has said is what He does”, said the singer, who this year will also perform in Tarragona, Lisbon, Oslo and other cities in Europe.

She believes that “the presence of the Holy Spirit is going to lead this new movement in Europe, and I feel that an army is being raised to not only ask for revival but also prepare ourselves to receive it and give it to our children and grandchildren”, she added.

Spanish singer Debora Romo led the worship times / José Dalberto Vargas

Testimonies of participants

“It has been very groundbreaking and necessary. The church needs to be activated and this motivates people to go out into the streets, I am happy to see my generation seeking Jesus”, said Samuel Guerra, a 21-year-old who attended the event.

Another participant, Luis Sanchez, stressed that “Ithis is a very beautiful event , it should be done more often, it fills you spiritually and many people need this”.

At the end of the gathering, the representatives of The Send thanked the invitation of the “Xuntos por Galicia” movement and also announced the date of the The Send Pre-Rally, to be held on May 27th in Zaragoza, with the presence of the Spanish preacher Itiel Arroyo.

Originally published on The Evangelical Focus

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