COVID-19 Threatens to Shrink Our Spirits, Emotions. Fight Back
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Like many people, COVID-19 has shrunk my life down to the walls of my home.

As the president of World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization that works in nearly 100 countries including in the Unites States, normally I’m on the move. Most months I log thousands of miles traveling around the U.S. and to some of the most remote corners of the world, meeting with the people who help us do the work Jesus calls us to do.

But these days, my house has become my office, cafeteria, gym, movie theater, and even a makeshift church. Our family has to be especially careful, because my daughter Andrea has cerebral palsy. We cannot risk jeopardizing her already fragile health. This means no visitors and no travel, and not even trips to World Vision’s warehouse just a few miles away where we prepare emergency supplies for families in need.

Even more than the physical distance, COVID-19 threatens to shrink our spirits and emotions. As we’re isolated in our homes, apart from dear friends, elderly relatives, and our church family, it steals the comfort we find in community. And as so many people face furloughs, work limitations, and even unemployment, it hijacks our sense of purpose. With these areas under attack, it’s easy to give in to fear, loneliness, and even aimlessness – losing the very purpose God gives each of us.

That’s why I am choosing to fight back with prayer and a bias for action. I believe it’s action, no matter how small or simple, that gives us back what could otherwise be lost.

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