Costa Rican Evangelicals Reject UN Request to Decriminalise Abortion in the Country
Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation statement.

The Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation (FAEC) strongly rejects the request of the United Nations (UN) to decriminalise abortion in Costa Rica.

The entity, which seeks to represent the 25% of the country’s population who identifies as evangelical Christian, considers that “these globalist tendencies of the UN and other international organisations” aim to “put an end to the sovereignty of the nation, and go against the life of the most defenseless”.

In a statement they stress that the UN proposal puts “the most important human right of all”, the right to life, in this case, of the human being in gestation, at risk.

This is why they call on the authorities of the government of the Republic to defend sovereignty and to respect and protect that fundamental right.

“Protecting the gift of life to the last consequences”

According to FAEC, “giving in as a country to UN pressure would be like accepting abortion as a human right, with all the negative implications that this could entail”.

On the contrary, they explain, article 4 of the American Convention on Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to have his life respected. This right shall be protected by law from the moment of conception”.

“We firmly believe that the values and principles of the Kingdom of God are above all things, and among those is the supreme value of life. We will continue to protect the gift of life, which we know comes from God, to the last consequences”, concludes the FAEC.

You can read the full statement here (in Spanish).

By Evangélico Digital

Originally published on The Evangelical Focus

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