Uganda Without Orphans

As the COVID pandemic continues, it has become overwhelmingly clear that the mental health of both adults and children has been deeply affected because of income loss, school closures, government lockdowns and isolation. The team at Uganda Without Orphans learned of a vulnerable family in their community whose father was struggling with serious mental health issues. Thankfully God opened a door for UWO to step in at a moment of crisis and get the family the help they desperately needed.

When the lockdowns began last spring in Uganda, *Mark suddenly found himself without work and as a result, no means of providing for his family. As the breadwinner of his home, Mark began to despair and spiraled into a mental breakdown. The Alliance for Uganda Without Orphans heard of Mark’s mental health situation and saw that the children were beginning to suffer as well. The team from UWO acted quickly to get Mark to a hospital where he was able to receive the medical help he needed. 

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