“Syrian Children Do Not Want Promises, But a Commitment to End the War”
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Over 55,000 children have been killed in the Syrian war. A report estimates that the cost of the war is already over US$ 1.2 trillion.

Since the war in Syria started 10 years ago, around 600,000 people, including 55,000 children, have been killed and half the population (almost 12 million) has been displaced.

About 40% of those displaced, both in Syria and beyond, are children. For Syrian children surviving the conflict, overall life expectancy has been reduced by 13 years.

Covid-19 has made this situation even much worse. Several studies predict that the pandemic may push Syrians to the brink of mass starvation.

report co-written by economic consultancy Frontier Economics and Christian organisation World Vision International, assesses the economic cost of the Syrian conflict and “shows the incredible loss of human capital due to a continuous cycle of grave violations against children and the shattered opportunities for future generations”.

The report has three parts. The first one analyses the violations of Syrian children’s rights over the last 10 years; the second one is an economic analysis, and the last part presents the results of the interviews with over 370 Syrian young people about the situation of their country and their future.

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