‘Sons & Daughters’: Helping Millennials Discover the Adventure, Purpose Found in God
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Millennials. A generation of individuals where everyone gets a trophy.

Beyond following in the footsteps of Generation X and preceding Generation Z, this collection of 20- and 30-somethings has been described as the first global generation that grew up in the internet age.

The end result is a cohort of digital natives who are completely comfortable with mobile devices, social media and living life online.

With that comes confidence and tolerance but also a sense of entitlement and increased narcissism.

While these sentiments could lead some to hold a negative view of millennials, do not discount the efforts of those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s to make this world a better place somehow, someway.

This is never more evident than in a group of young adults who call themselves Sons & Daughters. Featuring the adult children and spouses of evangelists John and Lisa Bevere, this collective has dedicated its lives to helping this generation discover the adventure, freedom, and purpose found in our Creator.

That starts by cultivating relationships, leading in their community, and developing the “sons and daughters” around us.

The youngest member of Sons & Daughters, Arden Bevere, joins us on “The Crossmap Podcast” to talk about the concept of God first and then us in relation to our current culture.

Listen as he shares why, in today’s selfie-obsessed world, so many people seem to be idols to self but yet are so unsure about who they really are:

He said there is a very simple solution to this problem — an antidote that is closer than you’d think.

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By Chris Carpenter

Originally published on The Christian Post

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