Resetting the Arc of Our Nation with the Adoption Option
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The historic Supreme Court decision on June 24, 2022, opens a wide door to elevate the adoption option. History highlights cultural change agents who grasped a dream. The first March for Life in 1974 elevated the pro-Life dream year after year. Millions of pro-Life advocates and organizations have now joined the ranks of America’s Martin Luther King, India’s Gandhi, and Great Britain’s Wilberforce to re-set the arc of nations.

It is now time to reset and revive the adoption alternative. Let us take the dynamic footholds of victory into new levels of choice, the choice for adoption rather than abortion.  With today’s landmark decision, the ship of our nation is turning back to its constitutional harbor.

Here are several ideas to elevate adoption:

  • SATURATE our culture, first, with a massive national marketing campaign to elevate the sacrificial love and benefit for heroic women and girls who choose adoption.Engage famous adoptive parents or famous pro-life individuals in sports and film to make expert, engaging commercials, and advertising to draw positive attention to the adoption option. Adoption marketing must consistently run like a product or political advertising campaign.
  • PRODUCE a sequel to the film “Unplanned,”telling the story of a woman who makes the sacrificial decision to choose the adoption option and fill the empty arms of a childless couple. With “Unplanned’s” outstanding scriptwriters, producers, and actors, they can shape a story from both perspectives, and full of drama, conflict, and joy.
  • DESIGNATE a national task force of attorneys who specializes in adoptionto craft ways to navigate the differing state policies governing adoptions. The task force could also consider pro bono services to prospective parents who lack the finances.
  • BUILD more Safe Havens,an excellent alternative for desperate women and girls who abandon their infants. Every state has Safe Haven laws. The “Baby Moses” laws are detailed at  Ask construction companies to donate or build Safe Havens in all fire stations and hospitals. Launch denominational efforts in churches to add Safe Havens as part of their domestic missions budget.

In closing, many women who have chosen abortion suffer a lifetime of shame and regret. And 3-4 million childless couples in the United States still have empty arms.

If we neglect the adoption option, we do a disservice to women in crisis, the unborn, and to childless couples. Engage your pastor and church to build or fund a Safe Haven. Use social media to promote the wonder of adoption.  

The United States has arrived at a momentous cultural crossroads with the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the most vulnerable citizens in our society: the unborn. 

By Arlene Bridges Samuels, Voices Contributor

Arlene Bridges Samuels is an adoptive parent, a weekly columnist at The Christian Broadcasting Network, Author at The Blogs- Times of Israel, and Guest Columnist at All Israel news.

Originally published on The Christian Post

(c) The Christian Post, used with permission

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