New Jesus Film Told Through the Lens of Mary Magdalene Reaches Hundreds of Thousands Globally
Chosen Witness / YouTube Screen Shot

The new animated film told through the perspective of Mary Magdalene is reaching hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Chosen Witness” was released in April by Jesus Film Project, an evangelical outreach created by Campus Crusade for Christ that has produced content in over 1,800 languages.

Executive Producer Elizabeth Schenkel says the new video tells the story of Jesus’ ministry, betrayal, death and resurrection “through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.” 

“It is significant that this woman was the first of Jesus’ followers to encounter Jesus after he rose from the dead,” Schenkel told The Christian Post.

“Jesus sent her to the Apostles as a witness to His resurrection. For this reason, historically, Mary Magdalene is known as the witness to the apostles, even in some traditions, as the Apostle to the Apostles.”

Magdalene’s elevation to that position was “remarkable, Schenkel said, noting that women at that time were not even considered credible witnesses in a court of law.

“Yet, God chose a woman, a woman who had experienced affliction and redemption, a woman who had dedicated her whole life to supporting the ministry of Christ on the earth, as his first witness,” she added. “This choice speaks of God’s heart for the world, of his desire that everyone might see Jesus. No one is excluded. Anyone could have a special place and calling in God’s mission to the world.”

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