Kirk Cameron Hopeful About Gen Z, Says Youth Have Passion to Change the World
Kirk Cameron speaks during an interview for "The Rubin Report" that aired on YouTube on June 2, 2021./YouTube/The Rubin

Actor Kirk Cameron says he’s “hopeful” about the youth of this generation because he believes they can make a difference in the world for good but stressed they should seek the guidance of “older, wiser people.”

During an appearance on “The Rubin Report” this month, the actor shared his thoughts on Hollywood’s culture and America’s youth today. 

Cameron, who recently launched a 100-day prayer plan for the country, was asked about how his Christian faith informs his political beliefs. The outspoken actor said he is “really not a political guy.” Instead, he’s a self-professed “family and faith guy.” 

However, the actor expressed his concern for the younger generation and where America is headed in the next 20 years.

“That’s a terrifying question when I think about where we’re headed right now politically, economically, morally, spiritually,” Cameron admitted.

He said the “the people who built” America, the Founding Fathers, declared “that faith and morality are absolutely essential for a free and just society.” Nevertheless, Cameron noted that people today seem to have forgotten that.

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