Kevin Sorbo Writes New Children’s Book to Expose Dangers of ‘Woke Gender Confusion’
Let's stop being so frail and be men: Kevin Sorbo | National Report / Youtube Screenshot

Christian actor and producer Kevin Sorbo has released a new faith-based children’s book that he wrote to expose the dangers of “woke” ideology and its agenda that’s blurring the lines of God’s creation and what it means to be male and female.  

The 64-year-old actor, best known for his starring roles in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” “Andromeda” and “God’s Not Dead,” chronicles the journey of a lion cub named Lucas who endures numerous obstacles on a tricky route to find the cure to a deadly illness that has plagued his sister in the new children’s book, The Test of Lionhood

At the end of the tale, a few pages are reserved for Scripture and what the Bible says about the gender roles God has designed for men and women. 

“[Lucas] has to build up some courage, getting past all these different obstacles to get past this fear. And it’s really about letting boys become boys to hopefully become men and strong men, strong providers for families as they grow up,” Sorbo told The Christian Post. 

“All the craziness that’s going on with what we’re doing to kids now in public schools, you know, we have to let kids be kids and let them just grow up.” 

Sorbo said it’s dangerous to teach children that men and women can swap sexes at will or that children can be whichever gender they choose. 

“The danger is trying to make them the same. We’re not the same. It’s like these transgenders going in and racing against women in sports now, boxing matches. It’s just crazy to me.

“You know what? I’m all for [anyone] wanting to become transgender [as an adult]. I’m not bashing that world,” Sorbo said. “I’ve been in Hollywood for 40 years. I’ve worked with gay people all the time. You will not find one [person] that’s going to come out and say, ‘He (Sorbo) was so horrible to me.’ Because I wasn’t, I’m a live-and-let-live kind of guy.”   

Sorbo said if a person wants to transition in an attempt to look like the opposite sex, they should do the transition as an adult and not as a child. 

“You want to do that with yourself, fine. Be at a mature enough level to do it. Look at Bruce Jenner. He waited until he was 60 years old to become Caitlyn Jenner. I think at 60, you can pretty much figure out what you want to do,” Sorbo said.  

“But to sit there and try to tell kids in third grade, at 6 years old, ‘Let’s change your sex.’ You know what, that’s just insane to me. Let them find their way when they become adults and are old enough to do it.” 

Children are not old enough to make rational decisions about what gender they prefer to be, Sorbo exclaimed.

“To tell them that they should be able to change their sex when they’re 7 years old, that to me is child abuse, and it’s just sad. And the parents doing this makes no sense to me. But we live in a world right now where they’re just like, ‘You know, I don’t want to be that. I don’t want them to call me this or call me that. You know, the labels would be horrible for my life,’” Sorbo illustrated. 

“We just need to keep fighting back, and I’m going to keep doing it, and I know a lot of people are doing it as well because they’re sick and tired of it.” 

In response to the rise in fatherlessness in America, which society has seen over the last several decades, Sorbo said he believes “the emasculation of men in society is to blame because men are being taught that they don’t have to fulfill their male duties to their children.” 

“They’ve been doing this since the ’60s. When women came out and feminism was born and they came out and they said, ‘Ban the bra and get rid of it. We don’t need men.’ And it’s just been happening more and more and more,” Sorbo said. 

“Walt Disney said in the 1950s that movies and television would influence our use. Well, he pretty much hit it right on the nose because it totally influenced areas. Hollywood runs the culture. Politics is downstream from culture, and Hollywood runs the culture of mainstream media.” 

There are major issues with the way Hollywood portrays masculinity today, Sorbo added. 

“It’s just getting worse where [men] are just being taught that you have to be more gentle, more kind. There’s nothing wrong with that too. Being strong and being masculine isn’t being violent. It’s being a person that has good, strong morals and foundation. They can stand up to be very, very good fathers for their children, and we need more of that. We need to show kids that,” Sorbo said.  

“You know that is a much better road to go to keep the country safe because right now, the violence is going up. Unemployment is going up. Anger is going up. Divisiveness is going up. Hatred is going up with all this stuff. And movies keep pushing that down our throats,” he added. 

In the family unit, the mother has special qualities and the father has special qualities, Sorbo noted, and together, they should work with each unique set of qualities as a collaborative effort to raise children.

“The images [being portrayed in entertainment are] that women are tougher than men and women are stronger than men. They don’t need men. They showed them in the ‘Barbie’ movie. I mean, I haven’t seen it,” Sorbo said, “but all my friends who went with their kids are going, ‘My gosh, she has bashed men.’ Man has come upon us very wimpy, and women are like, ‘We don’t need men. We don’t need this.’ And it’s weird to me. Men are different than women. Boys are different than girls. It’s just the way it’s always been.” 

Sorbo said his best advice for Christian parents raising boys in society today is to “get your children out of public schools.” 

“Public schools are indoctrination camps. What they’re doing to kids is crazy. … Why can’t we have cameras in schools? Why? Our tax dollars pay your [school staff] salary? Why can’t I check in every once in a while to see what’s going on with schools? What are they hiding from us?” Sorbo said.  

“For them to blatantly say, ‘no, no, no.’ And all these stories coming out now about what schools are doing to these kids saying, ‘Come to us. You don’t have to go to your parents.’ And they say, ‘Your kids are our kids.’ No, they’re not.”   

Sorbo told CP that he’s producing movies intended to share Christian messages that he believes Hollywood is avoiding. 

Movies Sorbo has produced include: “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist,” “God’s Not Dead” and “Soul Surfer.” 

“People need to start fighting back. The title of my book came from the idea that I need to wake up the lions. I’m tired of the lions being cowards in the background and being afraid to speak up,” Sorbo said. 

“You might get canceled. Well, I got canceled multiple times. Hollywood booted me out. I formed my own company Sorbo Studios to fight back against the ridiculousness of the movies and TV shows Hollywood’s doing. … That’s why I do movies that bring hope and love and redemption and faith and laughter. Things Hollywood will not do anymore.”  

Sorbo’s latest movie, “Miracle in East Texas,” comes to theaters in late October. To buy tickets now, visit

By Nicole Alcindor, CP Reporter

Originally published on The Christian Post

(c) The Christian Post, used with permission

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