“It Is Time to Actively Work to Prevent Child Abuse in Our Churches”
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The Infancy Working Group (GTI) of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance has presented a Protocol for Child Protection.

The document aims to raise awareness of the need to protect and care for minors in the ministerial and ecclesial environment, giving evangelical churches and entities the tools to act in this sensitive area.

It has been drawn up by the GTI team in response to concerns that have been raised in recent years in forums, workshops and other training and consultation spaces in the evangelical environment.

Javier Martín, president of the group, told Spanish news website Protestante Digital that they have made this document with the aim of “getting as close as possible to the reality of children, their needs, and the way in which evangelical churches and entities can respond”.

“We still have a long way to go”

Martín acknowledges that, while society is becoming increasingly aware of child protection, in the Christian sphere “we still have a long way to go”.

One of the challenges is to present useful and practical resources that, in addition to develop a theoretical framework, give solutions and explain how to implement them in this context. That is why it provides basic definitions and strategies that are mainly focused on prevention. “There are simple ways to prevent a good proportion of this abuse, which unfortunately can occur in any environment”.

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