Is Gen Z the “Greatest Generation?” This New Book Gives Surprising Insight on the Next Generation of World Leaders.
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From the halls of middle schools to boardrooms of the most innovative companies in the world, Generation Z is coming of age at one of the most unique times in human history. 

Gen Z, consisting of those born from 1995-2012, has officially become the largest generation in the world today. They are some of the most creative, driven, entrepreneurial, and technologically advanced young people the globe has ever seen. And their future impact on the world is inestimable. 

In “Generation Z: Born for the Storm,” Dr. William M. “Billy” Wilson, president of Oral Roberts University, draws from extensive research, Biblical examples, and rich experiences in his work with thousands of Gen Z-ers to prove why this generation is destined for greatness by being “born for the storm.” Gen Z—born in a time of unprecedented societal upheaval and with a strong desire to make their lives count—is distinguishing itself as the “purpose” generation. Because of this, Gen Z must be equipped to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose in a new way for the opportunities they will discover and the storms in their path.

“God has called Gen Z to fulfill their destiny in these tumultuous times,” says Wilson. “Gen Z will not only survive the storms but will thrive in the midst of them. In fact, the storms will help shape them into leaders during these greatest days in the history of the world.” 

As president of Oral Roberts University, Dr. Billy Wilson has come to know this generation well – their passions, potential, frustrations, and distinct needs. In “Generation Z: Born for the Storm,” Wilson gives us hopeful insight into this extraordinary group, revealing just how they are poised to become the greatest generation in history. Wilson examines the forces that are forming this generation and the storms that will make them strong.  He reveals that all people look for a cause, a reason, and a place where they can bury their hearts and that Gen Z will find in Jesus a cause so compelling that they will commit everything.

“Generation Z has seen all kinds of difficulty and adversity,” says Wilson. “But in the middle of all of this, Generation Z has developed an innate passion to change the world. They want their lives to count. They want to have purpose. They want to have direction. And they want to make a difference.” 

“Generation Z: Born for the Storm” will challenge Gen Z-ers to rise up and pursue their remarkable purpose, while those from previous generations will be encouraged to both understand and stand with these new world changers. Generation Z is called and equipped to rise above the global storm we are experiencing and initiate the greatest awakening our world has ever seen. 

Many times, God’s greatest victories are seen in the midst of a storm. Gen Z will see the glory of God as they achieve success because they are ready. They are willing. They are born for the storm.

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