In Bolivia, Evangelicals Offer Government Plan to Prevent Violence Against Children
Image of the UNited for Children march organised by ANDEB. / AEL

Coinciding with Children’s Day in Bolivia, the National Association of Evangelicals of Bolivia (ANDEB) has led, together with other organisations and institutions, a march for children called “United for Children”.

In addition, the organisation has published a manifesto addressed to the Bolivian authorities in which they regret the lack of visibility of the needs of children and the lack of action regarding their problems. This is the part of the population that deserves priority attention from all levels, according to the group representing evangelicals.

In the statement, they also expressed their concern and rejection of the increase in violence against children in all its forms.

In the document they indicate their willingness to draw up a prevention action plan. “We propose the consensual elaboration (with the participation of the church) of a Plan of Action to Prevent Violence against Children from conception, using a generous budget, to put an end to violence against children,” they say.

The ANDEB also developed a departmental strategy to prevent violence against children by promoting their rights in the family, church, community, school and society. In this sense, the association highlighted that evangelicals in the country have provided quality and specialisation in the provision of services for the protection, care and restoration of children, by strengthening the protection and justice system.

In addition, they have led a campaign involving the participation of children, public and private institutions and society as a whole, to reject and denounce all types of violence against children, including “an education free of indoctrination and prioritising the development of cognitive abilities, social skills and reflective development for life”.

Finally, the organisation emphasises its commitment to build a society without discrimination and that does not tolerate violations of the rights to dignity, life and integrity of children from conception, as they understand it from the Word of God.

The president of ANDEB has extended an invitation to all citizens to participate in the great march and to unite in prayer for the children of Bolivia and the whole continent.

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