How to Reach a Billion Teens With the Gospel
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There are about one billion young people in the world today between the ages 12-19. That’s a lot of teenagers! How can all of them be reached with the Gospel? I’m convinced there is a way.

Before I dive into the plan, I want to define what I mean by the word “reached.” I mean every teenager having the opportunity to hear, understand and respond to the Gospel as shared by a friend.

First of all they must hear it. For them to be reached the message of the Gospel must be clearly communicated with words. It can’t be communicated through osmosis or caught like a cold. Words are necessary.

Secondly, it must be understood. This implies conversation. In some cultures this communication process will take longer than others. But whatever the culture the core message of Christianity must be understood.

Thirdly, it must be responded to. Those hearing it must have an opportunity to say “yes” to Jesus. Perhaps they’ll say “no” or “I’m not quite ready” but they need to be given the opportunity of saying “Yes, I’m ready to put my faith in Jesus right now!”

To reach one billion teenagers by giving them the chance to hear, understand and respond to the Gospel may seem like a daunting task but I believe that it can be done. Here’s how…

1. The Church must be energized.

There are approximately 5 million churches worldwide. In the next 10 years some project the growth to 10 million global churches. The infrastructure to reach these teenagers is already in place. And, if you count the many youth-focused, Gospel Advancing para-church organizations around the world, you begin to realize that the opportunity to reach every teen everywhere is, with God’s help, doable.

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