Full-Time Earner and Stay-at-Home Parent Is Best for Families, Majority of American Moms Say
Unsplash/Jude Beck
Unsplash/Jude Beck

A new survey reveals that American families face profound pressures and that most married mothers believe the ideal household socioeconomic arrangement is a full-time earner and a stay-at-home parent raising young children. 

The 2021 Home Building survey released last month by American Compass Research detailed how families in the U.S. are socio-economically. Among parenting-age adults 18-50, only those who are married and have the highest income and education levels are likely to report that they have achieved what is known as the “American Dream.” 

Only 25% of the general population say they have achieved it, whereas 55% say they are getting by but do not have the life they desire. Twenty percent say they are “struggling and worried for the future.”

For Americans who say their families are growing, nearly half report that they have fewer children than they would like. Those surveyed in lower, working, and middle-class households are at least twice as likely to cite “affordability” rather than a career or lifestyle as the reason why they’ve had fewer children. By contrast, upper-class parents are more likely to say that their lifestyle or career is why they do not have more children, according to the data. 

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