Finding Family in Ukraine

Neglect, family separation, institutional living, failed reunification, foster care. Victor, Lev and Christina have walked a difficult road over the course of their young lives.

The Ukrainian siblings were placed in an orphanage in 2019 as a result of their mother failing to provide safety and care. It was difficult for the siblings to adjust to life at the orphanage, but by sticking together they tried their best to settle in to their new environment. Before much time had passed, things took a dramatic shift when the global COVID-19 pandemic began and the government’s response was to shut down orphanages and send kids back home. But was their home a safe place for these young siblings to return to?

As it became evident that many children were returning to families ill-equipped or unprepared to care for children, the Alliance, Ukraine Without Orphans, partnered with local Ukrainian NGOs to ensure that children returning to parents and relatives would not go home to dangerous situations. Local organizations began to link arms with churches in order to identify where these children were going and how they could come along side families, or if needed, intervene to provide care.

Sadly, the mother of Victor, Lev and Christina was unwilling to take her children back and tried to make arrangements for a friend to look after them instead. 

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