Europe: Controversy Concerning Abortion Gets More Heated
The European Parliament building. / Photo: Unsplash, CC0

Is it possible to change the tone of the debate? Is it possible to speak up on abortion in a way that will increase support for both the woman and baby?

The reversal of Roe V Wade in the United States of America has had its knock-on effects in Europe.

For some it is a time of rejoicing, namely for all who campaign for the rights of the preborn child. Others see it as a threat to their “freedom”. For us Christians it should be a time for prayer and concern:

– For all families who have experienced abortion,

– For all who are afraid of a crisis pregnancy,

– For the “Grand Canyon” of division which splits those who are only pro woman or pro baby.

– For Europe and our own nations, where the Roe V Wade reversal is provoking talk of stronger so-called “reproductive rights” in some places (e.g. France may enshrine “reproductive rights” in its constitution) and where public vitriol over the issue is worsening.

Is it possible to change the tone of the debate? Is it possible to speak up on abortion in a way that will increase support for both the woman and baby?

In 2020, EEA hosted a webinar for members with Both Lives Matter, a great organisation seeking to reframe arguments on abortion. The “Both Lives Matter” name makes crystal clear the basic argument:

– Both mum and preborn baby are infinitely precious.

– Both deserve legal protection and support during and after pregnancy.

– Both deserve compassion and care.

– And both deserve the very best health care and a culture of support.

EEA equally salutes the many ministries across Europe which help women who find themselves with a crisis pregnancy. These organisations give emotional and practical support for women at this moment of huge vulnerability. They seek to address any related issues e.g. poverty, abuse, exploitation or assault. Many also give counselling support to women who have undergone an abortion.

Let’s pray for hearts and minds to be changed so that, in a crisis, both mums and their preborn babies will be valued and supported. Let’s pray for all who work to minimise the numbers of crises pregnancies. Let’s pray for family friendly government policies. Let’s also pray for those who seek to care for struggling women, their families and their children.

And let’s pray for better choices than abortion for every woman.

Julia Doxat-Purser, Socio-Political Representative of the European Evangelical Alliance.

Originally published on The Evangelical Focus

(c) Evangelical Focus, used with permission

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