Counted Worthy: A Father’s Perspective on the Theology of Suffering
Counted Worthy / Connor Bales - Book Cover

A.W. Tozer once said, “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until he has hurt him deeply.”

As a pastor, Dr. Connor Bales has tackled tough questions about suffering for years-

-How should Christ-followers respond to suffering?
-What if our calling is to suffer?
-How do we respond when our loved ones suffer?

But, it’s his own experience as a father and fellow sufferer that has equipped him to pen this book. In Counted Worthy, Connor Bales shares the unique calling he and his wife, Mary, have been counted worthy of stewarding in raising two children with a rare genetic disorder. From the initial confusion and questions of “why”-to the practical exhaustion resulting from endless tests, treatments, and visits to the emergency room-to the emotional, physical and spiritual toll they’ve experienced as a family, Bales leaves nothing off the table.

But, standing tall above the brokenness, disappointment, and hurt, Counted Worthy illuminates a practical theology promising hope, supernatural comfort, and a closeness to God that Connor and Mary have experienced first-hand. Readers will grow close to the Bales family, but more importantly, they will draw closer to their Savior through their life’s story.

Originally published on the VIDEPRESS

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