Christian Series ‘The Wingfeather Saga’ Releases New Trailer
Organizers are raising funds to turn "The Wingfeather Saga" children's book series into an animated series. | Screenshot: The Wingfeather Saga

The bestselling children’s book series “The Wingfeather Saga” has released a new trailer for the first season after becoming the No. 1 crowdfunded animated children’s series in the world.

“The Wingfeather Saga” is based on the bestselling novels by Andrew Peterson.

Watch the first look video of the animated series:  

To create the series, “VeggieTales” and DreamWorks veteran J. Chris Wall has partnered with Angel Studios. Following in the footsteps of “The Chosen” — the record-breaking first multi-season series about Jesus — “The Wingfeather Saga” offered fans the opportunity to invest in the family-friendly animated series and nearly $5 million has already been raised.

Wall, the showrunner, and his team enlisted veteran artists from studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Blue Sky and Nickelodeon to help bring the visuals to the screen. 

The innovative “hand-painted” CGI animation rendering technique can be seen in the pilot episode.

“We have always hoped for a way to share in the creation of this animated series, and when the partnership with Angel Studios came up, it just felt like exactly the right fit,” Wall told The Christian Post in an earlier interview. “To have a platform where we can invite our fans to build something together with us is just amazing.”

“We love great stories that our whole family can enjoy together,” he continued. “Sharing this story of a family struggling to overcome a great evil while also reconciling their own brokenness is something we feel deeply compelled to do.”

“‘The Wingfeather Saga’” will allow the creators to stretch their legs and give a “rich experience from these great novels,” Wall said. “Our hope is for families to have something to look forward to, episode after episode, as the epic and whimsical story unfolds toward its deeply satisfying conclusion.”

Fans of the book series have long desired to see the world of Aerwiar come to life.

Wall said Peterson has spent a significant amount of time in world-building to deepen the experience for readers. 

“One of our first experiences in developing the series was a project where we invited other authors to write short stories in the Wingfeather world. They jumped at the chance and found easy connections in the massive world of characters and that resulted in a new book, titled Wingfeather Tales,” Wall added. “Our writing team can’t wait to jump in and begin work to build out the full journey of this epic saga.”

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