Campaign Launched to Save Girls from Abuse and Slavery
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A campaign has been launched to rescue more girls from slavery and sexual abuse in Pakistan. 

Operation Mercy, launched by Christian charity One by One, has been inspired by the horrific murder of three-year-old girl Mercy. 

Her body was found in a brick factory near Faisalabad in Pakistan earlier this year with signs of sexual assault. 

One by One has been supporting Mercy’s family since the tragedy.

The charity has already rescued 50 children from brick factory slavery in Pakistan who are being cared for in a safe house, but it has identified 30 more girls in need of help. 

One by One founder Becky Murray said, “Mercy’s story doesn’t end here. We were heartbroken when we heard about this little girl. Who could do something like this to a three year old?

“We stepped in and helped Mercy’s family, but then we realised that so many girls like Mercy are at risk.

“Just a few weeks later another girl in our outreach programme, who is just 10, was raped. Thankfully she survived but it highlighted to us that more needs to be done.” 

Murray aims to raise £75,000 for Operation Mercy which will go towards expanding the safe house and buying furniture. 

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