6 Weekly Prayers for Children in Poverty This Lent
asian little girl reading and praying on Bible in morning at home. christian concept.

For the next 40 days (plus Sundays), Christians around the world will recognize the season of Lent. This is traditionally seen as a time of personal reflection and preparation for Good Friday and Easter. The 40-day period is based on Jesus’ time in the desert, during which he fasted, prayed and was tempted by the devil for 40 days.

Over this Lenten season, we invite you to set aside time each week to pray for and meditate on the lives and circumstances of the estimated 385 million children around the world who live in extreme poverty (less than U.S.$1.90/day). Please enjoy this mini Lent prayer guide that includes a portion of Scripture, thought and prayer for each week over the next six weeks.

Also, because we know that you’re busy and juggling multiple priorities, we’ve included a set of prayer reminder cards. Put each week’s card on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror or car dashboard to remind you to take a few seconds to pray for children in poverty.

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